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2012-08-07 05:22

I had never heard of Phil until I read an article of his in American Conservative. Why is Amcon epnyolimg Phil? Phil is an avowed leftist. I guess that Pat Buchanan is just a slightly more honest version of WFB. Are the Paleos going to be destroyed before they even get back off the ground?Granted, I'm here reding Phil's blog, but I do understand that having Israel/AIPAC as an issue in American politics is very destructive, no matter if the talk is negative or positive.The time for talk is over, and the Israel-at-all crowd needs to be rooted out, punished, and thrown out of the nation-if not imprisoned or worse, depending on the crimes commited.Now, I understand that none of this will happen, and I'm not suicidal, so I realize that my nation probably has a grim future. How could it be otherwise, when the needs and best interests of traditional America are maliciously ignored on every level from foreign, domestic, financial immigration, and every other policy in favor of whatever slim minority can work its way to the levers?