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2013-10-03 11:02

This book gives a good overview of the direeffnt facets of management consulting and investment banking. For those considering a MBA as a transition to these two career paths, this is a good place to start your research. As my personal interest is Management Consulting . . .1) The culture requires teamwork, high quality and constant change. You are only as good as your last project. (pg 44)2) Most people at McKinsey don't need to be managed. It is a direeffnt dynamic we are coached. . . managers are graded on how well they coach. (pg 57)3) Critical skills: analytical skills, individualism, interpersonal skills and intellectual curiosity. (pg 145)4) For interview questions concerning resume, use CAR approach: Context: Set the stageAction: What did you do?Results: What was the impact?5) Good list of interview questions (pg 199 200). The most interesting one I saw: Where do you think the consulting industry is headed? 6) Five qualities that distinguish a great case interview:- structured response, shows you think clearly- broad perspective, shows that you cover all the angles- concise and linear manner of thinking and communicating- business judgment, shows you can find the high-impact areas- creative insights, shows that you can come up with ideas on your ownAnother good resource for basics of management consulting:

2011-09-14 04:12

Boy that relaly helps me the heck out.