TOKO Dibloc High Fluoro Hot Wax šedý


máte otázky?

vysokofluorový vosk
kompletná séria
teraz v rade Alpin a Nordic jeden vosk
vylepšená receptúra
vosk obsahujúce molybdén
veľmi dobre odpuzuje špinu
veľmi odolný proti oteru
pre staré a špinavé snehy
pre umelý sneh
veľmi dobrý podkladový vosk



2012-10-19 12:53

Your metroladogy poitns are reasadsurading and a real boost to my efforts here in Mivchiadgan. I have tesadtiadfied in Michiadgan that the Daubert error rate is not applied and BACs/BrAC are prodaducts of plug and play menadtaladity withadout conadveyading the sciadence through approadpriadate staadtisadtiadcal means. A BAC error rate (difadferadence between two or more meaadsures on the same HS-GC sysadtem) must be equivadaadlent or smaller than that for Blood Conadtrols anaadlyzed with the reported BAC and docaduadmented in the labadoadraadtory estabadlished QC sysadtem. These are not pracadticed by Michiadgan experts and have been exposed in this hearing. Thank you again for your insight/s.

2011-09-14 05:21

Please keep trhoinwg these posts up they help tons.